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Silkscreen pins allow for exact replication of logos where colors are touching or overlapping and it is requested to not have any metal trim separating colors. If you look at the sameples above, you’ll notice color-on-color images that do not have any trimming metal. That’s because we create a silk screen for each color/shape to be printed on your pins. Each color is printed, dried and then each additional color/design is then applied until your final image is transferred onto your pins. Silkscreen colors can also be applied to Cloisonne Lapel Pins.

Silkscreen lapel pins are a great option when you need to reproduce a logo or image that has solid colors, and do not wish to have any metal separating your colors.

How Is the Design for My Silk Screen Pins Created?

An expert team of designers is at your disposal along with the use of our pin gallery. Browse through dozens of previously designed silk screen lapel pins to get ideas for your own pins. Our designers will gladly offer advice on color selection and design elements that are well suited to silk screen pins, if needed. Or, if you have a design that’s ready to go, email or fax it to us and we’ll start the process right away. Within just 24-hours, you’ll receive a full-color proof via email. Make any number of changes you’d like. After you’ve given your approval, your order will be processed and shipped to you within just 10 days… guaranteed!

How Are Silk Screen Lapel Pins Created?

The process of creating silk screen lapel pins is almost identical to that of silk screen t-shirts. A base coat is laid over the pins then – one at a time – each color is pressed through a screen with the help of a roller and allowed to dry. When each color has been applied, a protective coating seals the design and protects it from scratching and fading.

1) Free artwork and designs

2) Free full-color proof delivered via email

3) Fast production and delivery ( ships in 10 days)

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