Offset Printed Lapel Pins - When Every Little Detail Matters

Offset printed lapel pins offer full-color magazine-quality printing in any shape of your choice. Offset printing has long been known as one of the most vibrant and detailed printing processes used in modern printing. The result is nothing short of a great looking pin, with your design replicated exactly as provided. Trimming metal lines separating colors are not necessary, and your design is printing with gradients with photographic detail. Offset printed pins are ideal for when you need to replicate your design as a pin exactly without modifying it to be suitable as a traditional pin style such as a soft enamel or cloisonne style pin.

Do You Offer Design Help for Laser Printed Lapel Pins?

Of course! You’ll have full access to our talented staff of designers who specialize in creating designs that are well suited for offset printed lapel pins. Simply tell us what you want or visit our pin gallery for some ideas. If you have a corporate logo or other design in mind already, simply send us the details and we’ll immediately begin work.

Within just 24-hours, you’ll receive a full-color proof via email. You’re free to make an unlimited number of changes. Once you’re satisfied, your order will be processed and shipped to you within just 10 days… guaranteed!

How Are Offset Printed Lapel Pins Created?

The shape of your pins is first cut from a metal sheet with the surface of the metal being left smooth. A base color is then spread over the pins, providing something for the printed design to adhere to. Next your design is offset printed onto the lapel pins and a clear, epoxy coating is applied to protect the pins from scratches. The process is the same for laser printed lapel pins with one exception. The design of laser printed lapel pins is lased onto each pin rather than being printed. The finished products are truly remarkable with photograph quality results.

1) Free artwork and designs

2) Free full-color proof delivered via email

3) Fast production and delivery ( ships in 10 days)

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