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Die struck pins offer a classic and timeless look. Die struck pins are devoid of color and offer a simple metal-on-metal look that can really make your logo or message pop. Die struck lapel pins begin from a strip of raw copper or brass. A mold, from which a die is created, is made and then your design is struck into the metal strip with the die under extreme pressure. Multiple strikes are usually needed to ensure a crisp, deep impression of your design into the metal. Once the pin design is stamped into the raw metal, the strip is cut and separated into smaller strips containing about 10 pin impressions per strip. This makes the shape finishing process easier. A punch, with the outline shape of your pin design is used to remove the excess metal surrounding your pin design. Once the pin has your design and final shape, it can then move onto plating, polishing or antiquing. Several finishes are available. Please see our plating chart below.

How Do I Design My Dies Sruck Pins?

Some companies and agencies have predetermined designs or logos they like to use. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. We’ll gladly help you through the design process. Start by visiting our pin gallery. You’ll find a wide selection of die struck lapel pins here that we’ve designed in the past. This will help spark some ideas about designs for your own pins. Let us know which of the die struck pins you like and dislike then we’ll create a custom pin just for you. You’ll receive a full-color proof via email within just 24-hours. Make any changes you want. When your approval is given, your order is processed and shipped in just 10 days… guaranteed!

How Are Die Struck Lapel Pins Manufactured?

Die struck pins begin as a simple sheet of metal plating in the color of your choice. A custom die is created for your design then stamped onto the metal. This leaves an impression on the sheet. To bring out the details of your die struck lapel pins, the recessed areas are sandblasted to give contrast. Then, if you desire, the pins are polished to a high luster.

1) Free artwork and designs

2) Free full-color proof delivered via email

3) Fast production and delivery ( ships in 10 days)

Metal Plating Options

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Upgrades & Accessories

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