Cloisonne Pin Style

Cloisonne Lapel Pins Offer the Appearance of Fine Jewelry

The history and legacy of Cloisonné.

Cloisonné work is a symbol of royal beauty that dates back to the 13th century. These skillfully crafted pins were used in ancient China to create elegant vases and other artworks for emperors. Bronze was used in the Ming Dynasty to enhance the quality of Cloisonné, a process which the P&C has perfected today!

The function of Cloisonné Lapel Pin.

Original and hand-made custom Cloisonné Lapel Pins are more than signage; they are enduring symbols of business ideals and aspirations. If you want to create a lasting impression for your business, then you need to invest Cloisonné.  The beauty of Cloisonné lies in the fact that it fits well in a number of scenarios from product launch to public events. You can also use them skillfully to reinforce your brand, or award you staff.  Here are compelling reasons why you should invest in timeless artworks from The P&C.

How are Cloisonné Lapel Pins made ?

Cloisonné is most traditional and jewelry-like process to produce pins, also called hard enamel pins, are created using the finest materials and workmanship. Cloisonné lapel pins begin as a die struck pin, in which your design is stamped using tons of pressure from a die created from your original design. After your pins are all struck out from the raw base metal (typically brass or copper) they go for coloring. The painting process used in Cloisonné pins starts with a powdered glass mixture which is then kiln-fired at over 1600 degrees, which melts the glass-like powder into hard solid color cells. Baking the pin at these temperatures hardens the frit and this is where the term Hard Enamel comes from. After cooling, the pin is then ground with a series of stones and polished to a smooth finish. The next step is electroplating; during this process all the exposed metal is coated (plated) in your choice of metal colors. The last step is to add the attachments of your choice and package your finished custom made Cloisonné Lapel Pin.

Material: Copper, Iron, Zinc Alloy

Colors: From mineral ore, ground into powder
Production: Die-struck or stamping process
Color Chart: Pantone book or Color chart

Ordering Custom Cloisonne Lapel Pins.

With the help of our qualified design and customer service staff, you’ll find ordering is quick and easy. If you know exactly what you need. We’re ready to listen. And if you have a artwork, great! Please us the artwork to our email. If you need help deciding, visit our pin gallery to view many of the cloisonné pins we’ve created in the past. Pick and choose the styles and colors you like and we’ll use them to design a custom cloisonné pin just for you. You’ll receive a full-color proof via email within just 24-hours. Make any changes you want. Once you give approval, your order is processed and shipped to you within just 10 days… guaranteed!

1) Free artwork and designs

2) Free full-color proof delivered via email

3) Fast production and delivery ( ships in 10 days)

Metal Plating Options

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Upgrades & Accessories

  • Attachment
  • Stone
  • Woodiness

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