WW2 Metal Detecting – Eastern Front German Relics – K98 Bayonet, Badge, Mess Tin

Metal Detecting on retreating battlefield after Germans lost the battle for Stalingrad and I think they lost this battle as well.
- German K98 Bayonet COF 44 (1944 late war with wooden handle)
- German Mess tin plate AWF 40 (1940 aluminium model)
- German Bakelite canteen cup S 46
- German aluminium tent pillar S 38
- German badge for wounded in battle marked with letter A and 3 parallel horizontal lines on the letter

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Our first interesting find was a German K98 bayonet marked COF 44, in it’s scabbard. Not too far away from the bayonet we found a mess tin plate made from aluminium marked AWF 40 and what was interesting about this is that we found a bakelite cup inside. In sthe same area under the leaves was laying a tent pillar this time aluminium with S 38 mark on it.
In the last part of the video we were at the end of the day and on a small forest trail we found a German badge four soldiers wounded in battle, our second badge bade from zinc and it was the lowest order.

I can say that it was a great day with amazing finds, some very rare for me and I hope you will enjoy this video.

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Video/photo: NIKON D7100 18-55mm
Detector: Garrett AT PRO International


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