tpr glove |complete PVC label production lines to make anti-impact mechanic glove with TPR on back

complete PVC label production lines for rubber summer sandal PVC logo is full automatic way to produce soft PVC items with high efficient and big production capacity.The worker is only to put the mold on PVC label dispensing machine and tunnel oven , and take out the PVC products from mold . The oven and cooling time are fixed ,and need not worry about the PVC will be burnt . In this way that save lots time and labors . The Production line consists of below main parts.
1.Automatic face tunnel oven/ Automatic base tunnel oven Apply infrared ray,and infrared heater to heat PVC. The oven has temperature protection
2.Mold enter To move mold to worktable and tunnel oven
3.Mold cooling To cool and move mold to worktable
4.Belt Move mold or other item.
5.Total size 5800*1680mm With normal water to cooling the mold that save power .

Tehnical Video — Coloring 200000 pcs Metal zipper pulls- Weldo high fast automatic enamel dispensing machine

Weldo manufactures of adhesives and sealants dispensing equipment&machine, dispenser robot, liquid dispenser for PVC, glue, silicone, soft enamel, epoxy, UV cure formulations and many more fluids.
Weldo Dispensing products are used in many industries including: Apparel and ornaments ,footwear accessories,souvenir and jewelry , food, electronics , .We are able to provide a solution for every application requiring precision applications of fluids.

Dispensing Machine function :
1.Angle free dispensing. Products can be placed on the worktable at will without special tooling fixtures.
2.Independent and fixed constant temperature system . Heating device are installed on dispensing head to conduct special process such as hot dispensing with cold glue in cold season.
3.Loading and moving mechanism on granite platform . The loading and moving mechanism of granite platform ensures great stability of movement and promotes precision without deformation .
4.Adjustable illuminant with full chromatography.Full-chromatography illuminant can be adjusted independently and continuously . Any visual light can be picked to improve processing products visual recognition rate .
5.Any dispensing track can be set accordingly . Dispensing tracking can be programmed of dot, line and patterns on different plane through mouse, avoiding complicate operations on demonstrator and shorten the time of products introduction. These capabilities enable our customers to tackle more complex projects that require precision fluid dispensing and placement , while increasing product quality and yield.
6.The machine can be installed 1.3million pixel camera , intelligent software operation and 300*400 worktable is optional .

The simplest way to see what Weldo dispenser can do for your application is with a FREE VIDEO TRIAL. Just send us a sample of your part and a sample of your material, and our lab will, FREE OF CHARGE, make a trial run using your parts and material, video tape the trial run, and send you the video and completed parts. You can learn more about our video trial program here.

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