Power Rope Ball Shoulder Mobility and Core Activation Warm-Up | Si Boards Power Rope Balls

Elysia Tsai M.Ed., ATC shows you a variety of shoulder and core warm up moves using a Si Boards Power Rope Ball. Great for overhead athletes, swinging sports and movement prep before complex sequences. Use the foundation movements and apply them to each unique exercise.

6.5” Medium 5.5 lb. Power Rope Ball
(0:07) Two-Handed Swings
(0:10) One-Handed Swing
(0:13) Hand Exchange with Open Hand
(0:18) Counter/Clockwise Rotations
(0:20) Two-Handed Clockwise
(0:30) Two-Handed Counterclock
(0:38) Two-Handed Helicopter
(0:45) Reverse Sequence
(0:52) Single Hand Clockwise
(1:00) Single Hand Counterclock
(1:11) Single-Hand Backstroke
(1:18) Single-Hand Frontstroke
(1:33) Figure 8 Down Stroke
(1:44) Figure 8 Up Stroke
(1:56) Two Hand Behind the Back
(2:00) Counter/Clockwise
(2:10) One Hand Behind the Back
(2:13) Down-Pull Counterclock
(2:20) Right/Left Hand Exchange
(2:25) Behind the Back
(2:35) Back Side Down-Pull Exchange
(2:49) Front Side Down-Pull Exchange
(3:05) Front Side Up-Pull
(3:16) Around the World
(3:20) Overhead Helicopter
(3:25) Spiral One
(3:38) Spiral Two
(3:53) Spiral Three
(4:00) Left to Right
(4:05) Right to Left
(4:09) Reverse-Clockwise

5” Small 2.5 lb. Power Rope Ball
(4:20) Big Swing
(4:52) High Kick Single Leg
(5:00) High Knee Exchange
(5:10) High Kick Exchange

(0:01) Hey everybody, Elysia here from Si Boards and I’m going to show you our Shoulder and Core Warm-up moves. First, start with Two-Handed Swings. When you’re ready, progress to a One-Handed Swing. Then, progress to the Hand Exchange using an open hand. Make sure you rotate in both directions. This Two-Handed Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Rotation really requires you to have shoulder and scap mobility and good rhythm. The Two-Handed Helicopter is perfect for stretching out your abs. Reverse the sequence so that you can train both sides ambidextrously.

(0:53) When you’re ready, do the same moves with a single-hand grip. Beginners should wrap the rope around their palm a few times. I like to take my time with each swing. Try these same moves with the Backstroke and the Frontstroke, and you can always warm-up using the two-handed move first. Once you’ve completed single-plane movements, you’ll move into complex, multi-direction, multi-plane movement. The Figure 8 move is great for adding trunk rotation and pelvic control as you swing the Power Rope Ball to each side of your leg. Remember, you can do these in a double-hand, single-hand, and a hand exchange movement.

(1:56) Getting started with Two-Handed Behind the Back movements requires you to have shoulder mobility and thoracic extension. When you’re doing these hand-exchange moves, you’ll want to make sure that you catch with an open hand and that you have good grip control as you grasp the knot at the end of the rope. Add complexity by hand exchanging and then reversing the direction of the rope. Swing the Power Rope Ball clockwise, counter-clockwise, and in upper and downward movements.

(2:50) Add front side movement. These are great movements for elbow and wrist control. I focus on a strong and tall posture and I maintain scapular depression to help prevent the overpowering and spasm of my upper traps. This allows me to have good shoulder mechanics to complete these rotational moves. Now we’re going to get more complex with Around the World sequences. When you do Overhead Helicopters, it requires you to stand tall and have good ribcage control.This requires a lot of shoulder control.

(3:43) As a beginner, stand in the same place to get used to the momentum. As you progress, add pivot turns in quarter, half, and full-turn sequences. These three Spiral moves are a perfect warm-up before we start slamming against the wall, reacting to the rebound, reverse pivoting, and moving the Ball around our body to the next sequence.

(4:15) Now I’m going to move to the 5” Small, 2.5 lb. Power Rope Ball. The small size is perfect for fitting into my hand as I slow down the rep and start with a Big Swing. As you start as a beginner, you’ll stand in place. As you progress, it is a lot of fun to move up and down the court with your High Knees, High Kicks, and Leg Exchanges.

(5:35) For more information, check us out at www.si-boards.com and Jump Into the Next Generation. Until then, Happy Slamming.

Elysia Tsai, M.Ed, ATC is a Certified Athletic Trainer and the developer of Si Boards balance boards, unbreakable Medicine Balls and dynamic Power Rope Balls. Our balance boards are the most versatile and progressive multi-direction training system. Our high performance products are made in the USA with superior function, quality and lasting value. We are always available to answer your questions.
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