Metal detecting: WW2 Gvardija гвардия Soviet Guard badge found in abandoned camp!

military documentary WWII Battlefield Relic Hunting and Metal Detecting: Guards (Russian: гвардия) or Guards units (Russian: гвардейские части, gvardeyskiye chasti) were elite military units of Imperial Russia prior to 1917-18. The designation of Guards was subsequently adopted as a distinction for various units and formations of the Soviet Union and the modern Russian Federation. The tradition goes back to the a chieftain’s druzhina of medieval Kievan Rus’ and the Marksman Troops (Стрелецкое Войско), the Muscovite harquebusiers formed by Ivan the Terrible by 1550. The exact meaning of the term “Guards” varied over time.

Discovering and Metal Detecting History, WWII Battlefields, Relic Hunting, Gigging up Guns and Medals, Magnetfishing and much more ;)

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