K Gold Trinity Ring (Enamel)

The Mystical Intertwining of the Five Elements, Yin and Yang, and Numbers
The ancient knowledge of the Chinese has been passed on for thousands of years, influencing various cultures. Up to this present day, the Yin and Yang theory as well as the ancient knowledge of the Chinese is still being upheld and practiced by many. From null to existence, the Yin and Yang energies are generated and have given life to Heaven, Earth and human beings. From there, the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are generated; the four seasons then give rise to the Five Elements, namely, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Deriving from the ancient knowledge of the Chinese, man has found that the harmonious yet antagonistic relationship of heaven and earth and the wide array of natural phenomena are actually the symbolisation of the cosmic cycle of life.

VISIBER has incorporated this precious knowledge into its contemporary-designed jewellery line — with the colours black and white representing the Yin and Yang theory, whilst the colours red, yellow, blue, green and gold represents the Five Elements. And with that, we present to you the sophisticated “K Gold Trinity Diamond Ring”.

The New-Fangled Trinity of Glamour
Trinity is the symbol of perfection, satisfaction and promise.

The number 3 represents mutual dependence and restraint, thus rendering the number 3 extremely powerful. The all-new K Gold Trinity Diamond Ring is VISIBER first ever jewellery-line that carries 7 types of colours in its design. It has received many applauding remarks and has topped the sales as one of the most-esteemed jewellery from the Trinity Collection. Featuring seven vibrant yet inviting colours, encircled by the knowledge of numbers and using the traditional cold enameling methods, this piece of novelty is a definite masterpiece of this collection.

The K Gold Trinity Diamond Ring combines ancient wisdom and the essence of modern beauty. With its artistic design, the ring exudes the wearer with an aura of modern elegance and beauty, allowing the wearer to harness to beauty hidden within its midst.

Artistically Designed in Flamboyant Colours
The K Gold Trinity Diamond Ring is surrounded by the Arabic numerals of 1 to 9, while the glistening diamond-encrusted 96 number takes the centre stage. The numbers surrounding the 96 number merge seamlessly into the bright silver-platinum colour, taking breaths away in its timeless beauty. This delicate K Gold Trinity Diamond Ring comes in 7 different colours, such as, black, white, gold, blue, red, green and yellow, with each of them representing a different characteristic respectively.

Black and white are the most contrasting colours in the entire colour spectrum, but nonetheless, it compliments each other, maintaining an equilibrium. The Tai Ji diagram created in ancient China uses these two colours which signify the balance between the Yin and Yang theory. As such, wearing the black and white ring will help you achieve the ultimate balance of life!

Gold contains a dazzling charm, which shines forth one’s leadership values. Wearing the gold ring will help improve your leadership qualities, giving you the confidence to path your golden future!

Blue upholds the power of expression, resembling the soft, undulating waves of the ocean. The colour blue will give you the ability to master your communication skills, allowing you to be persuasive and courageous in your speech.

The colour red represents fame and popularity, which expresses the fiery and intense enthusiasm of a person. This fiery colour encourages one to be socially active, thus allowing one to expand their social networks and meet people of the affluent class.

Green is for the life of wood which resembles growth and symbolises learning behaviour. Being able to be a fast learner and a person who is rich in knowledge will help enhance your strengths, showing your admirable talents to the people around you!

Yellow is for the stability of the Earth which masters the value of tolerance, allowing you to be a kind and understanding person. A thoughtful person will be able to create opportunities to see life much brighter with more enjoyment and see a much more delightful difference in their life.

Post time: Mar-12-2017


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