How to Use a Badge-A-Minit Semi-Automatic Button Maker – Badge-A-Matic machine

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In this video I’ll show you how to use a Badge-a-Minit Semi-Automatic button maker.

Badge-a-Minit – Badge-a-Matic machines use BAM specific non-standard parts that you can find online at People Power Press. Be sure to use only these parts as standard button parts will not fit in a BAM Machine.

You will need:
- Badge-a-Minit Button Shells
- Badge-a-Minit Mylar
- Artwork (Printed or Drawn and Cut-out)
- Badge-a-Minit Pin Backs

*in the size that corresponds to your Badge-a-Minit machine.

Visit People Power Press online for Button Machines, Parts and Supplies, and Custom Buttons!
USA: http://peoplepowerpress.net
CAN: http://peoplepowerpress.org

Post time: Mar-16-2017


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