How to Tell Tag Generations for TY Beanie Babies (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Gen Hang Tags) BBToyStore.com

This video demonstrates the difference between hang tag generations for TY Beanie Babies. We get alot of emails asking us to explain what the difference is. We put this video together to show you what 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th gen hang tags look like from the front, back and inside.

1st Generation hang tag is the rarest. It is a single flat tag (not folded). It has the small front on the front and the name of the Beanie on the back. It does not have a UPC barcode or a poem.

2nd generation hang tag is folded like a regular style tag. It is shaped slightly different and has the small font on the front. There is a UPC barcode on the back. It does not have a poem.

3rd generation hang tag has the larger font on the front. It has no poem inside or the yellow star on the front. It has To___ & From____ inside the tag.

4th generation hang tag is a fairly common tag. It has the poem and birthday inside the tag. And it contains the yellow star on the front with the words “original Beanie Baby” written across it.

The Bears shown in the video are the original 6 colored teddies that TY has made. These are some of the most desirable TY bears you can get. They come in old face & new face form. All 6 colors are available for both versions. In the video we show the following bears:
Old Face Cranberry Teddy (1st Gen)
Old Face Teal Teddy (2nd Gen)
New Face Magenta Teddy (3rd Gen)
New Face Brown Teddy (4th Gen)
Old Face Teal Teddy (2nd Gen)
Old Face Violet Teddy (2nd Gen)

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