How to Build a Robot Keychain

I visited Hong Kong and saw a robot widget attached to a handbag, it really appealed to me and I wanted one. I searched the Sham Shui Po district in Hong King and found nothing. Our travels then took us to Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan and again I could not find it. I finally found it in the Narita airport, Kyoto for $15. I was very disappointed with it so I set out to make my own. After a few prototypes I settled on this design. I am lazy so I used off-the-shelf parts. This video illustrates how to build your own metal robot. I hope it lasts a lifetime. The rights to the music in this video was purchased from http://www.themusicase.com/ so Triple Scoop Music can piss off.

Parts required:

1. 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch copper reducer – for torso.
2. 1/2 inch copper pipe 8mm wide – for torso.
3. 1/2 inch copper end cap – for torso.
4. 1/4 inch copper coupling tube – for face.
5. 1/4 inch outside diameter copper tube (normally comes in a reel) – for arms and legs.
6. #10 stainless steel ball chain (10 balls for arms, 9 balls for legs) – for arms and legs.
7. #10 stainless steel couplings – for hands and feet.
8. 1/4 inch stainless steel ball bearings (or hunting shot) – for eyes.
9. 1/4 inch brass bolt – for head.
10. 1/2 inch brass escutcheon pin – for antenna.
11. Silver solder and flux.
12. Epoxy – for eyes.
13. Wire – to hold the parts together for solder.

Post time: Apr-05-2017


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