Hollywood Icons Brooch Tutorial

Make your own brooch inspired by your favourite actress, model, singer or any other iconic lady!

I made Audrey and Marilyn :)
I tried narrating it but it was awfull quality, I’ve stuck some notes in there but I don’t want to go overboard and be to patronising, however if you do want further instructions, read below

You will need: fabrics (I used felt for the face as it’s cheap and doesn’t fray) glue, decorative bits and bobs

-Print of the picture(s) of the brooch you wish to make, if you’re not to confident with cutting straight away, sketch or trace a design and pin it onto the material, then cut out. You could always cut out the print of the face for an exact guide.
=bare in mind the size of the brooch when making but you can always trim it smaller when you’ve finished the facial features
-I keep the picture in front of me at all times to refer to and use as a guide

-The facial expression is important- it makes the difference between a glamouress lady and the recognisable one. Mark out the distances etc with pencil
- I chose to sew the detailing on with black embroidery thread, make a mistake don’t worry about going back. Gradually build up and refer to the picture
-If you’re not a comfortable sew-er you could a)print out an iron on transfer of the face (though you would have to use non-synthetic fabric) b) draw it on with fabric marker c)create a stencil using acetate (there are plenty of great youtube tutorials about how to make acetate stencils :) )
-I use a cotton brown thread to add minor details in, like make the eyebrows stronger, eyelashers etc.
-Eyebrows are tricky as they can make the expression crazy/happy/angry- don’t worry about making mistakes
-I don’t put a nose on mine as they never seem to come out right, but you maybe better at it than me

-For the audrey, I use fabric marker to create her lips; you can use use any material though

-have a strip of (pale) fabric to mount the face onto (I didn’t trim the thread on the back and it kinda shows through :s)

-I used satin for the hair as it’s nice and sheeny :) add layers to get a better result, don’t forget to look to the picture for detail

-leave it all to dry, then trim around

-For the audrey tiara, you could use broken jewellery, ear rings etc. I’m using metallic fabric paint then adorning it with beads and cut up sequins (I’m choosing to glue them on, rather than sewing)
-The needle makes for precise application of beads and stops your finger tips getting gluey
-same again for her earring

-I achieved her hair by unbraiding wool, and sewing it onto yellow felt.
-I also gave her felt lips and used real blusher hehe

-If you don’t have a brooch pin, use a safety pin.
-Be aware of the direction it’s in when you’re attaching it

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