Fusion Digital Name Badge

http://www.fusiondigitalpaper.com Fusion Digital Name Badge is a satin acetate top coated for digital imaging. This product has a removable adhesive made specifically for clothing apparel. It is a great product for any high quality name badge applications, and has a proven track record for this application.

When designing specific event backstage and security passes, Fusion Digital Name Badge gives you the ability to print only the exact number of required badges with variable information unique to your individual event. The most intricate graphics are possible with Fusion Digital Name Badge.

The coated face stock, 92# lay flat release liner, and premium removable adhesive give you a superior badge product, both for beautiful image graphics and scratch resistant toner adhesion, and also with an adhesive you can trust for a variety of apparel applications.

Fusion Digital Name Badge performs well during die cutting, and is effectively resistant to mildew and perspiration.

This product can be made with three different coatings to handle high heat toner, HP Indigo and ink jet applications.

Post time: Mar-22-2017


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