Fozzie Cam Work, Ruby Heads to Montana after Shoulder Shot!

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Here’s a quick video of “Ruby” getting a cortisone injection at the left shoulder. She has a long history of osteoarthritis which is generally well controlled with oral anti-inflammatory medication.

Occasionally, “Ruby” has more pain and we will give her the injection. This is safe and doesn’t do any real harm as long as it’s not overdone and she understands that she can’t just go “hog wild” with the shoulder after it stops hurting!

In this case, “Ruby” isn’t having a tremendous amount of pain but she’s leaving to Montana for a backpacking trip and doesn’t want shoulder pain to ruin her fun!

I’ll tell you something… If a little cortisone is all it takes to keep someone active and backpacking in Montana then I’m on board!

Have fun and nice comments please!

Post time: Mar-21-2017


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