DIY Zootopia Judy Hopps Costume (PART 2): Carrot Pen, Badge, Rabbit Tail | I Wear A Bow

The next part of my Judy Hopps costume DIY! Yeay~ I will share how I made my carrot pen, police badge, and rabbit tail here. The method I use is easy!

For supplies list:


Learn how to make Disney Zootopia costume for Judy Hopps! This is the second part where we will learn how to make Judy Hopps carrot pen, police badge, and her bunny tail!

The carrot pen were made from felt. This is such an easy tutorial to make carrot pen if you are into sewing~ Well the result is nice but simple. Not really a detailed look, but the carrot pen is work! You can write with this carrot pen. Yay~

This Zootopia police badge is the easiest tutorial here. You don’t need sewing skill, but a doodling skill. Hehe. I use craftfoam to make the Zootopia police badge. Just cut cut cut, glue, doodle, and Zootopia police badge is done!

The last one is rabbit tail. It’s also easy. Easier than the carrot pen. All you need is fur, pillow stuffing, and a little bit sewing skill. just attach a pin on the back, and wear the rabbit tail on your pants! This rabbit tail is really squishy~ nya~

Halloween is almost over! Nooo! The last part is still in the process. But I will finish these series! I will! So stay tuned for the final part!


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Post time: May-06-2017


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