Discount Movie Tickets

How To Save Money Going To See A Movie Before you go the the movies here are some quick and easy ways to easily get $3 off an adult ticket.

With summer in full swing, Hollywood is rolling out their summer blockbusters and many folks will be hitting the theaters. If you love going to the movies, I bet you would love to save money on the ever increasing costs for tickets. I have some great tips and ideas that could save you money and might even put some cash back into your pocket.

At the box office:

⁃ Be a matinee early bird – Not only will you save money but you will avoid the crowds by going to movies in the morning. Check with your local theaters to find out when their matinees run, as they vary from theater to theater. You can, on average, save up to $3.00 on an adult ticket.

⁃ Regal 9 Week Specials – Moviegoers of all ages can get great discounts on films during their 9-week Summer Movie Express Summer Movie Express festival. Regal Cinemas offers selected G or PG rated movies for only One Dollar on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 AM.

⁃ Ask About Discounts – Many theaters offer great discounts to seniors, children, students and members of the military. Check at the box office, as many times these discounts are not advertised and be sure and have proper identification. You can save, on average $3 off of an adult ticket.

Memberships Pay Off:

⁃ AAA Discounts – If you are a member of AAA you can get some great deals on movie tickets. Also, if you visit their website at AAA.com, you will discover many other events and outings at great discounts as well .

⁃ Buy Through Costco – Not only can you buy everything in bulk, but you can also buy movie tickets at a reduced price. Head over and find out what they have to offer. AMC Theater tickets can be picked up through their warehouses or on their website Costco.com.

Online Opportunities:

⁃ Socializing Pays – Facebook offers free coupons for drinks and popcorn simply by “liking” theaters on their site. The AMC movie chain often releases movie coupons on Facebook as well. If you are not a regular on Facebook, it’s time to start looking around for these great deals.

Additional Tips:

⁃ Sign up for rewards — It’s usually free to join and you earn rewards for going to the movies. You earn credits for free movies, popcorn, soft drinks and much more. Even if you don’t sign up for rewards make sure you check out a theaters website for additional discounts and specials.

⁃ Use your card – Don’t pay in cash, use your credit or debit card. Most banks offer reward programs that put money into your account simply by using your card. It might not be a whole lot, but it’s money in the bank!

⁃ Pass on the Concessions – Eat before you go to the theater to prevent hunger pangs. If you feel you need a snack, get something that can be shared and buy drinks that offer free refills.

With theaters flaunting their summer hits, this is the ideal time to start looking around for great savings. You will be pleasantly surprised how a few dollars here and there can put money back in your pocket.

Post time: Mar-11-2017


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