Can sugar free soda hurt our teeth? – Dr. Pujari M R

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Patients take carbonated drinks, or aerated drinks, or sugar free sodas. Patients ask because I am taking this do I get cavities? There is a relation between these diet soda or sugar free sodas as they contain many preservatives or adherations especially phosphoric acid, tartaric acid, citric acid. So what they do is they make your enamel porous and when your enamel is porous, your enamel becomes weak and it is more prone for cavities. Another thing is they cause a condition called as erosion of the teeth. Erosion of the teeth means the top enamel, which is the main protection of the tooth, it erodes gradually because your enamel has become porous. So with the natural wear and tear, when the enamel, wears off, it is called as erosion. Eroded enamel will lead to sensitivity ad it can even attract cavities. So it doesn’t matter what kind of sodas you are taking, it can me your enamel weak, leading to cavities and sensitivity related problems.

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Post time: Apr-17-2017


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