Bank of Taiwan hopes to market commemorative coins to Chinese collectors

The Bank of Taiwan has unveiled its Year of the Ram commemorative coins. It hopes to cash in this year by selling the coins to Chinese consumers anxious for Taiwanese collectors’ items. Gilded Year of the Ram coins are now available! Images of Taiwan and Yushan are displayed next to a family of sheep.The 1 ounce coins are 99.9 percent pure silver and retail for NT$1,980. There were 60,000 made, more than in previous years.Lee Chi-chuTaiwan Bank ChairwomanI believe that these coins will significantly increase in value. China’s population is so large, and there are so many coin collectors there. If we negotiate an agreement to sell commemorative coins in China next year, I don’t think our 60,000 sets will be sufficient. Taiwan Bank Chairwoman Lee Chi-chu believes that even Chinese collectors will fall in love with Taiwan’s commemorative coins.

Post time: May-02-2017


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