Aquarium Ideas from InterZoo 2012 – Ruinemans Aquarium (pt. 13)


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Very easthetic aquarium rack, displayed at the booth of Ruinemans Aquarium company during InterZoo 2012 fair. Interesting feature was the filtration system, which was air driven and based solely on gravel. On one side of each aquarium there was a compartment filled with gravel, and a vertical pipe with an airstone inside. Air bubbles going up create suction, so the water from the gravel compartment is sucked in and pumped out on the other, far end of the tank through long outlet pipe. Some of the tanks have compartments for keeping more species of smaller fishes. Walls of the compartments were made of glass, with metal mesh attached in the lower part, so the water could easily flow through them and circulate within each tank.

Quite ingenious, but I think there is a better and easier way of using gravel as filtration media. Just add some more gravel to the bottom, and you don’t need to do anything else. Seriously, I have several tanks at home with such “filtration” – only substrate and an airstone in a pipe, which makes the water to circulate. No undergravel filters, no sponge filters, no additional filtration at all! :) Just a layer of substrate, and that’s it :) And it works great :)

Anyway, enjoy the video! :)

Post time: Mar-21-2017


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